What Should Your Child Do When They Lose a Tooth At School?

lost-tooth-childOh no! Little Timmy lost a tooth at school. What to do? If your child happens to lose a tooth at school, there isn’t anything to be worried about physically. It is natural for your child to lose teeth, but it can be a frightening experience or an exciting experience depending on how prepared your child is.


Most five and six-year-olds will lose teeth and then relish in the opportunity to share and show off with their friends. Make the experience exciting for your young one by talking to them about it beforehand. You can share stories about the tooth fairy, talk about the natural process of losing teeth (everyone loses them), and let them know what to do if it happens at school.

Preparation to Lose a Tooth

Feeling prepared will make your child feel confident and safe. It will turn an unknown experience into something that is exciting and special. Many young children will lose their fear of losing a tooth at school (if they have one) by talking to mom or dad and understanding what will happen. Other children may be excited, but might be confused if it happens at school without a talk.

Tell the Teacher

Make sure that your child knows that he or she should talk to their teacher when they do lose a tooth. Your child’s teacher has likely encountered this situation many times before and will be happy to place the tooth in a safe place for safekeeping for the tooth fairy. Additionally, many teachers have special charts, games, and prizes that they give out to their pupils who lose teeth throughout the year.

As you can see, losing teeth can be an exciting and celebratory moment in your child’s life. Ensure that you talk with them before they lose their first tooth to make the moment joyful whether or not they are at home or at school.

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