Tips for Choosing a Good Glendale Dentist

Everyone needs a good dentist, but choosing one isn’t always easy. When picking a dentist, it’s a good idea to visit the office and to meet the dentist, hygienist, and office staff. Call ahead and ask for a convenient time to schedule an initial visit at the dentist’s office. Not only will you be able to see the office, you’ll also be able to get all of your questions answered by the staff when you visit. Here are some things to look for when you choose a Glendale dentist:


You want a dentist who has experience with all types of dental issues. When possible, choose a dentist who is competent at treating typical dental issues (cavities) and more advanced procedures.


If you have special dental needs, then you’ll want to choose a dentist who is particularly adept at that area of dentistry. For example, if you need dentures, then you’ll need a dentist who specializes in working with dentures.

Dental Groups or Practices

A group of dentists can often provide a large number of patients with the dental care they need. Some dentists may specialize in one area, while others may have other specialties. This allows for complete dental care in one place.

Advanced Techniques

Look for a dentist who uses the latest and most advanced dental procedures and techniques. You’ll get the best care when you have access to the latest and most pain-free dental services. How do you find those dentists? Check out their websites. A dentist who consistently enrolls in professional development opportunities will likely advertise that on his or her website.

Pain Free Dental Services

Many people are fearful of the dentist – just the sound of a drill often makes people shudder. This is often because of the pain that is associated with some dental procedures. The latest dental procedures use new techniques to offer the least painful way of performing dental services.


A friendly and helpful staff goes a long way toward making you feel comfortable and safe throughout your dental visits. Talk to the staff to get to know them when visiting the office.


Look for a dentist with skills in various procedures. For example, you’ll want to stay at the same dentist location for teeth cleaning, whitening, and exams. When you need special work, such as a root canal, you want it performed by the same dentist.


People often times skip their twice-yearly visits, and some of that has to do with location. Going to the dentist takes time out of your busy schedule anyway, so visiting a dentist who is far away makes for an easy excuse to skip those visits. In addition, there are times when you run into a dental emergency, like a cracked tooth. That’s when having a dentist in a nearby location becomes especially important.


Make sure that the dentist accepts your dental insurance. If not, you could end up paying too much out-of-pocket for the services. When in doubt, check your insurance carrier’s website, or call your dental office ahead of time.

Financing Options

Many dentists provide financing arrangements for work that isn’t covered by insurance. This allows you to get the work done and make convenient payments until complete. Ask about this before you get any work done.

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