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Saving Money on Your Health by…Going to the Dentist MORE Often?

Too many people look to save dental care costs by not going to the dentist at all. This is a huge mistake! There are plenty of low cost dental insurance plans on the market. What’s more, preventing a problem with your teeth saves you all kinds of money over the long run.

Bad Teeth, No Money

Let’s take a look at just a few of the conditions that you will be paying for if you do not keep your teeth healthy with preventive dental care!

  • Gum disease – If you have a problem with your teeth, it will eventually spread to your gums. Your gums are very sensitive, and they are much more difficult to heal than your teeth. You may have noticed how sore your gums get if you forget to floss for even a short time. They must be constantly cared for! If your gums are unhealthy, it can lead to swelling and inflammation, pain when talking or chewing, and eventually, your teeth will not be able to stay in your head!
  • Heart disease – There is plenty of controversy about whether tooth and gum disease is linked to heart disease. Most experts say yes. Just the fact that there is a discussion about the issue should lead you to err on the side of caution! Dental and cardiac experts believe that tooth decay can lead to heart disease because tooth decay and heart disease are caused by the same types of plaque. Plaque builds on your teeth and causes decay, and this is the same plaque that blocks off the arteries of the heart and causes serious heart conditions.
  • Oral disease – Your teeth are connected to many different parts of your body. Do you want to find out just how many? Let your teeth rot for a while, and you will soon find out that you are hurting all over! The sensitive nerves that are in your teeth reach up to your head, first of all. If you have tooth problems, then you are more likely to get serious migraines and constant headaches. Your teeth are also connected to your eyes. You may find that you cannot see as well if tooth decay is allowed to spread. Your shoulders and back may also suffer, because the nerves that come from your mouth stretch down into your chest area as well. Bad oral hygiene can lead you to experience pain in your shoulders, an inability to walk straight up and neck pain that resembles arthritis or a muscle inflammation.

How Much is Enough?

Do you really want to find out how much dealing with heart disease costs? In case you are wondering, heart problems are far more expensive than a preventive dental visit! All of the above conditions will end up costing you a pretty penny should you find yourself in those unfortunate circumstances. What is the solution? Find the pennies that you need to go and see your dentist at least once every six months. Contact our dentists in Glendale AZ with any sharp pains or throbbing in your teeth.

Preventive dental services is one of the best investments you will make in your life. Put it on your schedule now and start saving, because your body deserves more than you being too cheap to take care of it!


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