Root Canals

Getting a root canal helps prevent abscesses from forming.Root canals have a sigh of horror attached to them. Most people are unfamiliar with the actual process, but from popular media have learned to become terrified. While root canals are certainly not the best things for your  mouth, they do help to correct an existing problem.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a treatment that can repair the tooth and save it even when it is infected or has started to decay badly. The root canal procedure removes both the nerve and the pulp. It also cleans the inside of the tooth and then reseals it. If you do not have a root canal when you need one, you will find that your tooth becomes infected and then abscesses form. It’s always a much better idea to have a root canal when you need one then to wait until things get even worse. Root canals help to stop the infections from growing.

Removing A Nerve

The nerve of a tooth is not as important to your tooth’s health as you might think. It is important for your taste buds. The nerve’s primary job (and really only job) is to be aware of sensations such as hot and cold. Removing a nerve will not harm the tooth in everyday use. Your tooth will be able to be used as it was before, you will just lose the nerve ending sensations in that particular tooth.

If you feel that you may have damaged teeth or an abscessed tooth (when the bacteria cause an infection, it can sometimes be serious), then you need to contact your dentist and schedule an appointment immediatley. Root canals are generally procedures that need to happen within a specific frame of time to be most effective and to avoid most of the negative effects of bone loss, swelling, and drainage problems that can pop up with root canal infections.

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