Prescriptions that Can Harm Your Teeth

There are various prescriptions that contain sugar that can harm your teeth.Prescriptions do not sound like something that would harm us. We take them to feel better, but it turns out that many prescriptions can harm your teeth and your mouth. While we would not advise you to stop taking your medication, we do have a few common problems associated with prescriptions that affect the mouth and teeth and a few tips for handling them while on prescription medication.

Dry Mouth

The first is dry mouth. This condition is a common effect. You may not be worried or uncomfortable with dry mouth, but saliva is important for a healthy mouth whether it bothers you or not. The best way to combat dry mouth is to keep sugarless gum and extra water on hand.

Sugary medicine Can Harm Your Teeth

The second is sugary medicine. Sugary medicine is a consequence of drug companies trying to make their prescriptions more enjoyable and easy to digest. However, sugar can easily get stuck in the crevices and spaces in your teeth. This then leads to cavities. To avoid sugary medicines, talk with your doctor. Ask him or her if it is possible to take a sugar-free alternative. If not, make sure to drink water after you take your medicine to help rinse away the sugar. If you can also floss and brush a few minutes after taking your medicine this can also help prevent cavities from forming.


The last problem we see with medicine is discoloration. This is often because a common antibiotic form, Tetracycline, causes discoloration in women who are pregnant or young children who do not yet have their adult teeth. This is a well-known fact in the medical community so consulting with your doctor before you begin a medicine regime with Tetracycline is the best course of action here.

If you can follow these tips, then you will have a much better chance at keeping healthy, white, clean, beautiful teeth.

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