Plastic vs. Porcelain Dentures: Stain

Plastic-vs-porcelain-denturesRegardless of the kind of dentures that you use, staining will occur. However, plastic dentures are very different from porcelain dentures. Similarly, the staining that occurs on both varies as well. Read on to find the details for both plastic and porcelain dentures.

Porcelain dentures are actually not bonded together. They have a mechanical retention and are not bonded to the denture base. This leaves area between the porcelain teeth and the pink denture base because it is not bonded or sealed. This is the area where the stains occur.

Plastic dentures stain much less than porcelain dentures because they do bond together at the base and there is no junction between the teeth and the pink denture base. Therefore, plastic dentures are best for those who must buy economy-grade dentures and cannot afford to buy high-quality porcelain dentures. Plastic dentures do still stain on the middle of the tooth however and purchasing plastic dentures will not save you from these stains.

The main reason why clients still choose porcelain dentures is because they tend to have the desired aesthetic look and they tend to last longer. However, plastic dentures have seen a dramatic improvement over the last few years and now many clients feel that plastic dentures have the same if not better aesthetic look.

The bottom line is that staining does not generally occur on good, high-quality denture teeth unlike economy-priced denture teeth, which tend to be made of a softer grade and lack the kind of quality associated with other denture teeth. Ask your dentist to provide you with the highest-quality options to avoid staining.

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