Obesity and Gum Disease

new studies are showing that gum disease can be brought on by obesity.Gum disease is a potential risk factor from those who are suffering from obesity. Along with type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer (different kinds), the studies have shown that gum disease also has a link.

The study is in the early stages, but the results are coming in and are overwhelmingly positive towards showing a link between obesity and gum disease. The real reason for this result is cytokines.

Cytokines Help Gum Disease Grow

Cytokines are proteins with inflammatory properties that result in the body, but the bodies of obese peoples produce these cytokines at a rapid rate. These cytokine proteins harm the gum tissue, reduce blood flow to the gum tissues, and ultimately lead to the onset of gum disease.

Unfortunately, those individuals with gum disease also produce cytokines so the number of these inflammatory proteins can increase dramatically in an obese person’s bloodstream.

Gum disease is a common experience for many Americans as nearly half of the United States population is said to have gum disease or already show signs of potential gum disease development (this is for those over the age of 30 though it is possible to encounter gum disease as a person younger than 30 years of age).

Further Research Necessary

The Academy of General Dentistry issued a statement in response to the article that said, “Whether one condition is a risk factor for another or whether one disease directly causes another has yet to be discovered.” It is important to note that the study still requires further research before any strong conclusions can be drawn, though immediate conclusions do point to a positive linkage between the two.

Get Checked Out Regularly

Regardless of the results, it is still important for those of all weights and ages to travel to their dentist office once to thrice a year in order to have a dentist evaluate their teeth for possible signs of gum disease and other possible dental issues. It is also a wonderful preventative measure that can help to avoid gum disease and other possible dental issues as well.

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