Lose Weight with Regular Dental Appointments

glendaledentistsNearly everyone has tried to lose weight at some point. While there is no magic bullet, taking advantage of every opportunity can help the pounds melt away, and that is why you may be surprised to learn that you can lose weight with regular dental appointments. That’s right. It doesn’t matter what dentist. You could be visiting Glendale dentists at Denture Solutions or even dentists outside of the country. The fact remains that if you do it properly, setting up regular dental appointments can actually help you lose weight.

The Big Secret

Dentistry Today, a niche site and publication, regularly reports on studies of interest to the dental community. One revelation in a recent study was that people are more likely to brush and floss regularly when they have an upcoming appointment with their dentist. The reason is simple. Most people do not like getting in trouble or being chastised for failing to do something. Part of the reason that people decide not to go to the dentist is because they have not been following through on dental hygiene practices. Those who do have regular dental appointments, particularly appointments occurring at least two to three times a year, are significantly more likely to follow through on brushing and flossing.

The Connection to Weight Loss

Cut the Fat, a niche site and podcast, found part of this connection in an article written by Dr. Ray Hinish. The solution was to just commit to floss one tooth. The fact is that most people don’t just floss one tooth. Once you floss one, you go on to floss the others. While Dr. Hinish’s point to dieters was to take that mantra and make it apply to exercise and other elements, the fact is that flossing and brushing can lead to weight loss if you do it regularly.

Brushing and flossing should be done after meals. It leads to a clean sensation in the mouth, and the toothpaste alters the flavor of food. If you do this as soon as you have eaten your meal to the point of satisfaction, then you will not want to eat anything else. In fact, that delicious slice of German chocolate cake will actually taste horrific if you try to eat it immediately after cleaning your mouth. In addition to this, you will likely lose the desire to eat since most people enjoy the feel of a clean mouth. If you have dentures, you can achieve the same result simply by brushing and scraping your tongue and the insides of your cheeks.

So Why Does a Dental Examination Matter?

It doesn’t matter whether you visit Denture Solutions or dentists in another city. In fact, you may even be wondering if there is any reason to visit a dentist at all. And actually there is. When you have a regular dentist appointment, you know that you are going to be held accountable for how you have cared for your mouth.

It is much easier to skimp on your weight loss program and coerce your friends into agreeing that that splurge at the cupcake bar was worth it. But dentists are passionate about your mouth and its overall health. They are also very good at telling whether you have been keeping up with your routine. It can also be easier to focus on the simple task of keeping your mouth clean so that your dentist is pleased with your efforts. By doing it immediately after you eat though, the benefit is that you increase your mouth’s overall health while keeping yourself from binge eating.

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