Is Sugar-Free Gum Bad for your Teeth?

plaque, tartar and bacteria hiding in your teethWe are taught that sugar is bad for our teeth and can cause cavities and tooth decay. So we do everything we can to counter act the sugars we leave on our teeth. This includes flossing, brushing our teeth, regular dental visits, chewing sugar free gum. Now what if we told you that even after all of these preventative measures some people still find themselves being diagnosed with cavities or signs of tooth decay?

How is this so?

New studies have found that the artificial sweeteners found in things like sugar free gum can actually cause tooth decay. We already know that there is a link between sugar and tooth decay but what we didn’t know is that this link can also be found with artificial sugars.

One of Two Commonly Used Sweeteners Harms your Teeth

There are two common sweeteners found in sugar-free gum and candies. These are called xylitol and sorbitol. British researchers found that although these sweeteners are low in calories and overall can prevent cavities they still carry enough sugars to cause cavities. The other factor that can aid in the eroding of your teeth is the acids found in the fruit flavoring added to the sugar free gum.

So now we are sure you are wondering…what gum should you choose the next time you want some? Well if you just have to make a choice then studies say that xylitol contains some bacteria that are supposed to reduce oral bacteria. So if you are going to buy sugar-free look for the gum that contains xylitol.

There is nothing like keeping your teeth healthy, unlike weight and hair there are no “do overs” you only get one set of teeth and they are supposed to last a life time. Continue to watch your sugar intake and with any meal, drink, or candy make sure you brush or rinse to help prevent tooth decay.




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