How to Take Care of Sensitive Teeth

Take the right steps to make sure your teeth aren't sensitive to various foodsDo you have to hesitate when you want a hot cup of coffee? Or does it cause you severe pain to eat something cold? If you answer yes to these questions then you are one of many adults that suffer from sensitive teeth. The overall solution would be to visit the dentist; however we have listed some simple solutions you can try at home.

Watch what you use

Make sure the bristles on the toothbrush you use are soft. When you use brushes with hard bristles to can cause your gums to recede. You can also use toothpaste that caters to treating sensitive teeth. 

Watch how you Brush

Many people feel that brushing their teeth is a no brainer. But even as adults we don’t always know the right and wrong way of brushing our teeth. Do you brush the right way or the wrong way? If you are one that brushes your teeth with a back and forth motions, then you are causing your gums to recede. The correct thing to do is hold your toothbrush at a 45 degree angle while brushing in a circular motion.

Rinse with Warm Water

When you are dealing with sensitive teeth you should definitely rinse with warm water. The key is to use the correct temperature when brushing and rinsing. Never use hot water to rinse or brush your teeth with.

Watch how much you bleach

There are all kinds of treatments you can use at home to whiten your teeth but because of the chemicals used to eat away the plaque you will find that continuous use will start to eat away the enamel on your teeth causes them to become very sensitive. The best practice for cleaning your teeth is a routine cleaning at the dentist.

If you follow these easy steps it will help to ease the pain of teeth that are already sensitive and help you prevent your other teeth from becoming sensitive too.

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