How do I get denture insurance?

Getting proper coverage for denture insurance is straight-forward with the right plan.While dentures are generally covered under most standard dental insurance plans, there are generally also replacement limits. Additionally, medical insurance will not cover dentures and neither will auto insurance (should you get in a crash and damage your mouth or dentures). Your options will depend on what kind of denture insurance you do have.

Call your Agent

For those without a good dental insurance, it is best to call a reputable local insurance agent. Many agents sell insurance products for major insurance companies. It is possible to find a dental insurance plan with an agent that fits your needs. These are often offered at a small nominal fee and will allow you to get your dentures through new dental insurance. This is a great way to add insurance without adding other plan benefits that you do not need.

Know your Coverage

For those of you with good dental insurance, the process is fairly simple. Find out if you have a “major” coverage or if you have a ”prosthetics” coverage. If you do have one of these two coverages, then you’re in luck. Ask the percentage of coverage and replacement limits. Then, meet with your dentist and their customer service department. Each plan is different, but knowing these two aspects of your dental insurance can make it possible for the dentist to provide you with a quote of how much you will need to pay and how much your insurance will cover.

Pricing Out your Denture Insurance

When it comes to buying dentures under insurance, the process involves talking to your insurance company and your dentist. If you do have one of the two coverages listed above, then you should be able to purchase dentures through your dental insurance company without too much additional cost to you (perhaps a small copay). If you have replacement limits, then the cost may be greater, but a good dental office will be able to walk you through the prices and perhaps offer assistance on dealing with your insurance company to get the most for your buck.

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