Good Denture Cleaning Techniques

clean_denturesIt’s important to take proper care of your dentures to keep them clean and looking good. There are a number of techniques for denture cleaning that help keep your new mouth from turning into stained, yellow filth.

After Eating Ritual

Create an “after eating” ritual that involves removing and rinsing your dentures after each meal. This will help remove loose particles and food pieces from your dentures. Be careful and handle them gently while cleaning to make sure that you do not break them.

Clean your Mouth

Use a toothbrush to clean your tongue and palate after taking your dentures out. Just because you no longer have teeth does not mean that you do not need to properly care for your mouth.

Scrub Denture Cleaning

Your dentures should be scrubbed on a daily basis by using a denture cleaner or mild soap. This can help to remove any kind of debris of plaque build-up from continual use. Avoid anything that is too strong or harsh because they can actually damage your dentures. Whitening toothpastes are particularly harmful and should be avoided at all costs.

Careful Handling

This is a simple one. Be sure not to bend or break your dentures by handling them roughly. Be gentle with your dentures and they will last for years to come.

Soak Them

Soaking your dentures can help them maintain their shape, as most dentures need to be moist in order to keep their shape. Placing them in water or a solution specifically prepared for dentures overnight can help them retain their shape. Just make sure to rinse them before you put them back in your mouth if you use a denture-soaking product solution.

These tips can help you take good care of your dentures, but do not forget to make the added trip to visit your dentist for regular check-ups. He or she can help you take care of your dentures and find problems early on (such as loose dentures, irritation, sores, and infections).

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