Fatty Acids Prevents Gum Disease

The British Dental Health Foundation recently published a very interesting report that showed that people who eat a higher amount of fatty acids are less likely to develop dental conditions such as gum disease and periodontitis.

Nigel Carter, the Chief Executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, said after the study that, “In this day and age, most people should be able to keep all of their teeth for life.” A small change in your diet can improve your teeth and make keeping your teeth forever a reality.

Cause of Gum Disease

When we look at the cause of gum disease and tooth decay, we often point to a person’s oral hygiene. Do they brush regularly? Do they floss? Do they regularly visit the dentist? While these things are important and do contribute to gum disease and tooth decay, this study found something else that had a much larger effect.

The food we eat.

Damaging our Dental Health with Food

Specific foods can improve our dental health, while others (namely, unhealthy foods) can actually cause severe harm in tooth decay and gum disease. Sugars and environmental toxins cause natural PH disruptions in the body. Plaque, gum disease, and cavities all occur when this happens.

In fact, advanced gum disease is when the body begins removing valuable nutrients from the gums and places them in other parts of the body such as the vital organs. To build strong, healthy teeth again the natural chemistry of the body and the PH disruptions need to be balanced.

Avoid Gum Disease with Fatty Acids

The fatty acids found in fish and nuts helped people in this important study with avoiding gum disease. Vegetables, raw grass-fed dairy products, and grass-fed meats are also good ways to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

If you want to help improve your chances of keeping your teeth for life as Doctor Nigel Carter suggests, then up your fish and nut intake for additional fatty acid protection and remember that a strong, healthy diet will keep you healthy in other ways as well.

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