Drinks that Harm Your Teeth

Soda, sports drinks, and related products all do serious damage to your enamel and harm your teeth.Drinks are one of the most threatening components when it comes to white teeth. Many drinks and beverages harm your teeth by staining them. If you are drinking more than water, then chances are you are compromising the whiteness of your teeth and ending with brown, yellow, or gray faded and stained teeth.


Coffee is one of the worst drinks and one of the biggest culprits of yellow teeth or brown teeth (think coffee stains). It is also one of the most popular drink choices. Since coffee is full of unhealthy additives and ingredients for your body, it may be best for your smile and body to switch to a new morning alternative.

Sodas Can Harm Your Teeth

Sodas are another one of the worst drinks for your body. They are damaging because they actually attach and wear down tooth enamel. Tooth enamel cannot be fixed or replaced by your dentist so when it is gone, it opens you up to a whole host of problems including severe tooth decay.

Energy Drinks and Sports Drinks

Energy and sports drinks are another of the enamel wearing drinks. Beyond stains, energy and sports drinks actually attack tooth enamel in the same way that sodas do. Try switching these out for nature’s best hydrator: water. Unless you work out for more than two hours at an intense pace, it is unlikely that you need the added electrolytes and are probably just consuming additional sugar as most energy and sports drinks are full of sugar.


The last culprit is tea. The worst tea culprits here are the black teas or dark tea blends. Herbal tea is healthy and we wouldn’t advise you to cut it out of your diet, but rather begin drinking it with straws to make sure that you still get your benefits without the staining that can occur if the tea touches your teeth.

Drink More Water

You don’t necessarily have to completely give up your favorite drinks. Just be sure to incorporate more water into your diet so that you can wash your teeth clean and spend less time consuming drinks that can harm your teeth with irreparable consequences.

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