For those who have lost all their teeth, complete dentures are a better alternative than partial dentures.A denture is a removable replacement for adults who have missing teeth or missing tissue. You usually see older men and women (60-65+) wearing dentures, but it is available for any age that needs the functionality or aesthetically pleasing design of dentures.

Complete Vs. Partial

There are two primary kinds available to the general public – complete and partial. Complete dentures are complete in that they are used when all of the teeth are missing. They completely take over the mouth. Partial dentures are used when only some of the teeth are missing and they do not take up the entire mouth.


Complete dentures are often considered to be immediate or conventional. Usually the teeth are removed, the gum tissue heals, and then the conventional denture is placed into the mouth. There is usually an eight to twelve week waiting period after the teeth have been removed to allow the gums to heal properly.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are also “complete” but they are made in advance and can be put in immediately as soon as the teeth are removed. As the bones and gums shrink while they are healing, however, they have to be adjusted multiple times and most prefer to get conventional dentures. Immediate dentures are really more of a partial or temporary fix and should really only be used until conventional ones can be made.


Partial dentures usually consist of a bridge and have replacement teeth attached to a gummy pink base. Usually partial dentures are used when a client has one or more teeth that are still in good form. A partial denture will fill in teeth, but it will also keep teeth from changing their position. Most are not removable, but there are precision partial dentures that are removable and these have a natural look to them.

Usually adults end up with dentures when they need to replace teeth, but dental implants are a viable alternative to dentures; however, not everyone is a candidate and they are generally much more expensive than dentures.

Dentures are a good alternative to a life without teeth and are a functional way to use your mouth in the same way that you always have. Make sure to visit a trusted prosthodontist or other denture specialist to make sure you are getting the treatment you deserve.

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