Chlorophyll and Bad Breath

dentalcareBad breath can be embarrassing, particularly when you can’t seem to make it go away. Whether the bad breath stems from pitted tonsils or bacteria in your mouth, living with it can be difficult and even expensive. Everyone has had to deal with bad breath at one time or another. However, there are a variety dental care and at home methods you can use to treat bad breath, and one that has started getting some attention recently is chlorophyll.

What Is Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is the natural phytochemical that gives plants their beautiful green coloring. Chemically speaking, it is similar to human hemoglobin. In studies published in the American Journal of Surgery, researchers have found that chlorophyll can be a powerful agent in eliminating bacteria and toxins when consumed on a regular basis.

Chlorophyll and Bad Breath

Bad breath is caused by bacteria and toxins in the mouth and throat the same way that gas and bloating are caused by bacteria and toxins with the stomach and intestinal tract. Chlorophyll targets and eliminates these toxins and bacteria in many people. In effect, it neutralizes the odors because it removes them. It is particularly potent on bad breath because it is best when consumed orally in liquid form. Chlorophyll is already a common ingredient in breath freshening products, and some dentists are now encouraging their patients to start taking chlorophyll supplements to help alleviate bad breath.

Since the bacteria that causes bacteria are found primarily in the back of the throat, cheeks, and tongue, even individuals who wear dentures can benefit from drinking chlorophyll. However, if you do have dentures, you should drink the chlorophyll when you have your teeth out. Some dentures may be stained by the deep green otherwise.

The Better Alternative

There are numerous breath freshening products on the market. For individuals with particularly bad breath, these options can be quite painful as the mouth wash and breath mints kill the bacteria, creating that familiar burning sensation. Chlorophyll is not painful at all. The taste is rather bitter unless you purchase chlorophyll supplement with mint. It also helps to eliminate other body odors as well, particularly gas and bowel movements.

Recommended Consumption

If you can’t stand the taste, you can get most of the benefits through a capsule. However, chlorophyll is at its most potent when in liquid form. You should take 1-2 tablespoons twice a day. If you need to water it down, you can water it down with 8 ounces of cool water. Do not take it warm. It can be taken on an empty stomach, but you may find that it is easier to drink if you have had a little something to eat.

Depending on the severity of your bad breath, you may notice a difference right away, or you may notice it after a few weeks. The key is to take it consistently. But keep in mind that it is not intended as a substitute for brushing and flossing. It is just another tool in your dental care toolbox.

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