BioTeeth From Stem Cells

BioTeeth-photoNew studies are exploring the idea of regrowing teeth from cells, and scientists are finding that the concept may very well be superior to implants. People have needed dental implants for years now, but they have never been able to grow their own bioteeth or use bioengineered teeth. As of now, the current technology isn’t ready to be used in an everyday setting, but the research is fascinating, and continually proving that it will one day replace dental implants.

The Research

The research was first published in The Journal of Dental Research led by Professor Paul Sharpe. Sharpe is an expert craniofacial development and stem cell biology reseracher at King’s College London’s Dental Institute. He says that this new research is a great first step and brings us closer to using bioengineered teeth.

The Concept of BioTeeth from Stem Cells

The idea is to grow bioteeth by using stem cell technology. This technology helps to generate immature teeth that mimic those teeth developed in embryo. Then, these teeth can be transplanted to the adult jaw, and can develop into functional teeth if the programming and assembly is done correctly.

The exciting news of this research is that although the adult jaw has a very different environment, these embryonic teeth develop the same way. It is actually possible to grow adult teeth utilizing this method. The challenge remains how to make it possible to use this process in a clinical setting, repeatedly, and with consistent results. One day we will hopefully be able to have these operations done at your local family dental clinic, but for now, we have to wait and watch.

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